Annual Spring Plant Sale

The Down to Earth Garden Club will be holding its annual spring plant sale on Friday, May 9th and Saturday, May 10th. It will be held at BMP on Maple Avenue just before the Shaffer Road (mall intersection). Times are 8 a.m -5p.m. Friday and 8a.m.-4p.m. on Saturday. There will also be a garage sale.

There will be hundreds of well grown perennials. Many of these plants have been over-wintered in the pots so they have established root systems. You know our plants are hardy in the DuBois area because they have been grown in the DuBois area. No marginally hardy plants, seedlings or plants that will not grow in our soil.  And you can’t beat our prices!

This is our major plant sale of the year and proceeds pay for all of the plantings that the club maintains in the area. These include: the DuBois Library, the City Building, the flower boxes on Brady Street near the library, the Pershing Parking lot, the Reitz Theater, all of the beds on the Beaver Meadow Walkway including the large butterfly bed, a butterfly bed at Parker Dam, a bed for the residents at St. Michaels Terrace and one for the residents at DuBois Village, We also maintain the two large beds on the embankment at the foot of Liberty Boulevard and the plantings along the stairwell and walls.  Last year plantings were established at Rumbarger Cemetery and this year there will be some new and exciting projects spreading out from the downtown area. We need your support!

For more information call 371-8672 or 583-5300 or email Down to Earth Garden Club. Questions will also be answered through the forum.