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      The Down to Earth Garden Club will hold its annual spring plant sale Friday, May 16 from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m and Saturday, May 17 from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at BMP Systems Inc.,  1263 Maple Ave. near the corner of Shaffer Road and Maple Avenue. There are over 120 varieties of plants at the last count. Total number of plants will be close to 1000. These are not seedlngs but well grown perennials of all sizes. All will grow in our area because they are grown in our area.  Prices are by pot size and the rare and expensive daylily will be going for the same price as the plain Jane one. (Although we warn you that Jane will probably grow better!) A partial list follows. More plants are coming in everyday and this list is not complete. There is at least one of each variety listed here. Most have multiples and some have many.  The irises are multicolor but we just don’t know which is which. The donor could not say and they weren’t in bloom when dug. There are a few orchids this year. Contact us at and we will try to answer questions.  New plants will be added to the list as we are made aware of them. A few of the plants may have not be in condition to sell so they will not be offered.
      Additions 4/28/2014
      Wisteria…. purple flowering vine
      Forsythia…yellow flowering bush

      Additions 5/1/2014
      Turtle head…….. Pink, fall bloom, shade
      Forget-me-not…….Blue, early spring
      Montauk daisy…….White and yellow, autumn bloom
      Autumn crocus…….Pink, spring plant disappears to bloom in autumn

      Additions 5/2/2014
      Lilac…………. Lavender
      Love-in-the-mist.. Pink, white, blue, self seeding annual
      Grapevines…….. Promised but not in hand
      Butterflyweed….. Orange, native plant

      Additions 5/3/2014
      Bloodroot………White flower, early spring, native
      Native Geranium…Rose purple
      Summersweet………Pink, very fragrant, bush
      Smokebush, ‘Royal Purple’…Purple foliage, pink flower

      Additions 5/4/2014
      Atremesia ‘Limelight”….. Gold/green folliage
      Artemisia common………. Silver foliage
      Sweet woodruff………… White flowers, ground cover, shade
      Helebore (Lenten rose)…. Mixed colors very early spring

      Additions 5/13/2014
      6 orchid plants…………indoors, possibly oncidiums
      Coreopsis, broad leafed….Good bloomer, reseeds
      White forget-me-not…….. White flowers, ground cover
      Viola, black…………… Reseeds or hardy

      Additions 5/15/2014
      Helenium……………….Yellow, mahogany, red. Likes good drainage.

      Lined plants have not come back or won’t be ready for the sale.  Sorry. We don’t swear to the 100% accuracy of the list. Inventory was taken when the plants were moved into the greenhouse and we’ve tried to keep it up to date.





      Anemone ‘Robustissima’ Pink flowers Spreads
      Asiatic lily Mixed colors
      Aster, Tertiary Purple flowers Tall
      Balloonflower White or blue
      Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline” Red Sun to semi-shade
      Bee Balm ‘Raspberry Wine’ Raspberry
      Bell flower Blue Sun
      Bellflower ‘Octopus’ Pink Novelty plant
      Bergenia Pink flowers
      Betony Blue flower
      Black-eyed-Susan Yellow black center hardy, spreads
      Bleeding heart White or pink
      Bugleweed Purple Ground cover
      Caryoptera ‘Longwood Blue’ Blue flower, bush Yellow foliage
      Caryoptera, common Blue flower, bush Green foliage
      Chameleon plant Pink/white/green foliage Ground cover, spreads
      Columbine Mixed colors
      Cone flower Purple
      Coral bells Pink
      Corydalis Yellow flowers Ground cover, spreads
      Cotoneaster Pink flowers Low bush/groundcover
      Crocosima Red and yellow Good drainage
      Daylily ‘Siloam Baby Talk’ Pale pink
      Daylily Cream
      Daylily Red Short
      Daylily  ‘Lullaby Baby’
      Daylily ‘Bric-a-Brac’
      Daylily ‘Challenger’ Red/gold throat
      Daylily ‘Grapette’ Purple Short
      Daylily ‘Heidi’ Light yellow
      Daylily ‘Jolene Nichole’
      Daylily ‘Kwanso’ Double orange
      Daylily ‘Lemon Lily’ Yellow Early
      Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’
      Daylily ‘Pardon Me’
      Daylily ‘Raspberry Wine’
      Daylily ‘Something Wonderful’
      Daylily Stella ‘d Oro Gold Rebloomer
      Daylily ‘Strawberry Candy ‘
      Dead Nettle (lamium) Several varieties White or purple flowers; all leaves varigated Ground cover, part shade
      False or willow leafed spirea White Bushy, spreads
      Feverfew White Decorative plant and herb
      Filapendula White
      Foxglove Mixed colors Biennial
      Geranium ‘Wargrave Pink’ Pink Perennial Geranium reseeds
      Ginger, European Insignificant flower Ground cover, shade
      Grass ‘Strawberry and Cream’ Variegated Short, spreads
      Grass, Blue Lyme Blue foliage Short, spreads
      Grass, Miscanthus Variegated Tall
      Grass, sea oats Medium height
      Herb  lemon balm White flowers Lemon flavor
      Herb  Pennyroyal Purple Spreads
      Herb Catnip White flowers Reseeds
      Herb Comfrey Pink Large plant
      Herb Oregano Purple flower Full sun, poor soil
      Herb Sage Full sun
      Herb, Catmint Blue Short ground cover
      Herb, Catmint ‘Walkers Low’ Blue Sun to 3 ft.
      Hibiscus Mixed colors
      Hollyhock Mixed colors
      Hosta Green
      Hosta, Regal Splendor Blue gray leaves
      Hyssop Korean Purple
      Hyssop, Anise Purple Sun
      Iris Mixed colors
      Iris ‘Immortality’ White Reliable rebloomer
      Iris, Louisiana Purple
      Iris, water Yellow flowers Wet or regular ground
      Knautia Dark red flowers Reseeds
      Lady’s mantle Grown for blue-green foliage Shade, ground cover
      Lamb’s ears, common Silver foliage, purple flower Ground cover, medium height
      Lamb’s ears, ‘Helen von Stein’ Silver/green foliage,  purple flower Produces fewer flower stems than common variety.
      Leopards Bane Yellow
      Liatris Pink Good drainage
      Lily of the valley White flower Shade, ground cover, spreads
      Lingularia ‘Desdemona’ Yellow flowers
      Lupine Various colors
      Lysmachia ‘Aurea’ Gold and green foliage. Yellow flowers Spreads
      Lysmachia common Yellow flowers
      Lysmachia ‘Firecracker’ Purple foliage Yellow flowers Spreads
      Lysmachia ‘Alexander’ Variegated foliage
      Lysmachia, common Yellow flower, green foliage spreads
      Meadow rue White Damp shade
      Monkshood Purple Fall bloomer
      New England aster Purple Tall
      New York aster Purple Tall
      Orphanage plant Tiny daisylike Tall ferny foliage
      Penstemon Pink
      Peony Pink hybrid
      Phlox Pink
      Phlox, ‘David’ White flower
      Plumbago Blue
      Poppy Red/orange
      Queen of the prairie, Meadowsweet White/Pink Tall
      Russian sage Purple flower, gray foliage Bright sun, good drainage
      Sedum  mixed Yellow or white groundcover
      Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Pink Taller
      Sedum, ‘Dragonblood’ Red flowers
      Shasta Daisy White flower
      Snow on the Mountain White flower variegated leaf Ground cover, spreads
      Solomon’s seal Variegated foliage Semi-shade
      Spiderwort Pink (Satin Doll), purple (common) or light blue (Blueberry Ice)
      Sundrops Yellow Night blooming
      Torch lily or red-hot poker Orange/yellow Good drainage, full sun
      Tree, maple
      Vine   Hops Robust vine
      Vine chocolate vine Small flowers/decorative seed pods Robust vine
      Willow weed Pink Native plant
      Winter Creeper Shade, woody ground cover
      Woody plant Ash leafed spirea White flower spreads
      Woody plant Azalea yellow shrub
      Woody plant Dappled willow Variegated foliage
      Woody plant Elderberry White/purple fruit Hybrid
      Woody plant Kerria Japonica Yellow flower Bush
      Woody plant Lilac White Forms clumps
      Woody plant Raspberry White flowers, red fruit Spreads
      Woody plant Rose, Gallica Red or red white stripe Antique rose, spreads
      Woody plant Spirea Yellow leafed, pink flowers
      Woody plant, Black Raspberry White/purple fruit
      Woody plant, Butterfly bush Purple
      Yucca White flower spike Full sun

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