2015 Annual Plant Sale

plant saleThe  Down to Earth Garden Club will be holding its annual plant sale Friday, May 22 from 7:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 23 from 7:45 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. The sale will be held at BMP Systems, Inc. 1263 Maple Ave. This near the intersection of Maple Ave. and Shaffer Road. We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds go to the upkeep of landscaping and gardens in the area.

Plants are sold by pot size and pots are measured at the center diameter. No plants will be held unless they are paid for and the group cannot be responsible for plants left overnight.  All plants are grown locally and adapted to our climate. Most of them have been overwintered in the pots and have well developed root systems. Some few have been dug this spring but should thrive as they are being dug before they are in full growth. Number of each variety varies. There may be one or there may be many.

The plant list is tentative and will change as the inventory progresses. We will try to mark new additions with asterisks and will be happy to answer your questions via email at downtoearthgardenclub@hotmail.com   Happy hunting for your favorite plant!


Down to Earth Garden Club Plant List    2015

updated 5/16/15

* indicates plants that were not on last year’s list. (We think!)

Updated 5/20/15 (final update) There may be plants available that are not on this list as there will be donations throughout the sale. Some of the plants are in short supply so we apologize in advance if they are not available.






Anemone ‘Robusta’ Pink flowers Spreads
Artemesia ‘Limelight”


Yellow flower, yellow/green foliage Spreads
Ash leafed spirea White Bushy, spreads
Asiatic lily Mixed colors
Aster, Tertiary Purple flowers Tall
Autumn crocus Pink After spring plant disappears, fall bloom
Beardstongue (Penstemon)   * White Native
Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline” Red Sun to semi-shade
Bee Balm ‘Raspberry Wine’ Raspberry
Bell flower ‘Elizabeth’* Pink/mauve Spreads
Bergenia Pink flowers
Betony Blue flower
Black-eyed-Susan Yellow black center hardy, spreads
Bleeding heart   pink Semi-shade
Bloodroot White Early spring, native
Butterfly weed * (maybe) Orange Native comes up late. Not sure if there is anything in the pots.
Candytuft White Ground Cover
Centaurea bachelor button Blue
Chameleon plant Pink/white/green foliage Ground cover, spreads
Columbine Mixed colors
Cone flower pink
Cornflower (bachelor button) Blue Reseeds
Coreopsis, Tickseed    * Yellow Needs good drainage
Coreopsis, Broadleaf Yellow Reseeds
Corydalis Yellow flowers Ground cover, spreads
Cotoneaster Pink flowers Low bush/groundcover
Culvers root White native
Daylily Cream
Daylily Red Short
Daylily hybrid Orange
Daylily Yellow
Daylily, Parks   * Gold
Daylily ‘Siloam Ethel Smith’ * Creamy with a rose eye and chartreuse throat
Daylily ‘Bric-a-Brac’ Cream, purple center
Daylily ‘Challenger’ Red/gold throat
Daylily ‘Grapette’ Purple Short
Daylily ‘Jolene Nichole’ Rose
Daylily ‘Just Kiss Me’* pale cream pink with red eye and edge yellow green throat Early
Daylily ‘Kwanso’ Double orange
Daylily  ‘Lullaby Baby’ Pale pink
Daylily ‘Old King Cole’ * red-purple and ivory bicolor with lemon-yellow to green throat Extended bloom
Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’ White with dark red center
Daylily ‘Siloam Baby Talk’ Pale pink
Daylily ‘Something Wonderful’ Tan to pink
Daylily ‘Something WonderfulxMephastophales Purple
Daylily Stella ‘d Oro Gold Rebloomer
Daylily ‘Strawberry Candy ‘ Dark pink rose center
Web of Intrigue* pale orange with etched pattern of lavender and purple above green throat
Dead Nettle (lamium) Several varieties White or purple flowers Ground cover, part shade
Dropwort white Short filipendula
Feverfew White Decorative plant and herb
Filapendula White tall
Forget-me-not Blue Early spring bloom, spreads
Foxglove    * yellow Perennial
Geranium ‘Wargrave Pink’ Pink Perennial Geranium reseeds
Geranium ‘Mourning Widow’ * Purple/black Perennial Geranium reseeds
Ginger, European Insignificant flower Ground cover, shade
Grass, Arundo donax* Bamboolike 6 to 30 ft. tall
Grass ‘Strawberry and Cream’ Variegated Short, spreads
Grass, Blue Lyme Blue foliage Short, spreads
Grass, Miscanthus Variegated Tall
Grass, sea oats Medium height
Helebore (Lenten rose) Pinks, white, green, black Very early spring
Hens and Chickens Yellow Dry areas
Herb, Angelica   * Decorative seed heads Tall, reseeds
Herb, Catmint ‘Walkers Low’ Blue Sun to 3 ft. nice spread
Herb Catnip White flowers Reseeds
Herb Comfrey Pink Large plant
Herb, Chives Pink
Herb, Dill Reseeding annual
Herb Garlic Chives   *
Herb  lemon balm White flowers Lemon flavor
Herb, marjoram (golden)   * Gold foliage. Groundcover
Herb, Parsley* Biennial
Herb, peppermint* white Spreads
Herb, chocolate mint* Low grower, spreads
Herb, orange mint* Low grower, spreads
Herb, motherwort   * Reseeds
Herb Oregano Purple flower Full sun, poor soil
Herb  Pennyroyal Purple Spreads
Herb Sage Full sun
Hibiscus Mixed colors Mixed types
Hosta Green and variegated Different types, small and large
Hosta, Regal Splendor Blue gray leaves
Hyssop Korean Purple
Iris Mixed colors
Iris ‘Immortality’ White Reliable rebloomer
Iris, Louisiana Purple
Iris, Siberian* Purple
Iris, water Yellow flowers Wet or regular ground
Lady’s mantle Grown for blue-green foliage Shade, ground cover
Lamb’s ears, common Silver foliage, purple flower Ground cover, medium height
Lamb’s ears,‘Helen von Stine’ Silver/green foliage Fewer flowers than common one
Liatris Pink Good drainage
Lily of the valley White flower Shade, ground cover, spreads
Lungwort* Blue flower Shade, early spring
Lysmachia ‘Firecracker’ Purple foliage Yellow flowers Spreads
Lysmachia, Alexander Variegated foliage, yellow flower spreads
Lysmachia, common Yellow flower, green foliage spreads
Meadow rue White Damp shade
Native geranium Rose/purple
Orphanage plant Tiny daisylike Tall ferny foliage
Penstemon* White Native pollinator
Peony Pink hybrid
Phlox, ‘David’ White flower
Plumbago Blue Ground cover
Queen of the prairie, Meadowsweet White Tall
Russian sage Purple flower, gray foliage Bright sun, good drainage
Sedum  mixed Yellow or white groundcover
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Pink Taller
Sedum, ‘Dragon blood’ Red flowers
Spiderwort Pink (Satin Doll), purple (common) or light blue (Blueberry Ice)
Sweet Woodruff White flowers Shade, groundcover
Torch lily or red-hot poker Orange/yellow Good drainage, full sun
Tree, maple
Tree, red oak
Tree, rose of Sharon* Mixed colors Small tree/shrub
Tree, tulip poplar Yellow, red center Fast grower
Turtlehead Pink flower Shade, fall bloom
Valerian White Attracts butterflies, herb
Veronica* purple
Vine   Hops Robust vine
Vine chocolate vine Small flowers/decorative seed pods Robust vine
Vinca purple Variegated foliage
Woody plant Ash leafed spirea White flower spreads
Woody plant, red currant* Bush, fruit for jelly
Woody Plant flowering quince * Deep red Large shrub, fruit
Woody plant Lilac White and lavender Forms clumps
Woody plant Raspberry White flowers, red fruit Spreads
Woody plant Spirea Yellow leafed, pink flowers
Woody plant Summersweet ‘Ruby Spire” Pink flower Very fragrant native
Woody plant, Butterfly bush Purple Comes out very late
Yarrow* ‘Strawberry Surprise’(red)

And White

Yucca White flower spike Full sun