Plant List for the 2016 Spring Sale

We currently have over 800 plants. There are 60 irises, 130 day lilies and 92 shrubs/woody plants. There may be only one or two of some of the others or there may be many. There are quite a few native plants and pollinator plants this year. The list is as complete as we can make it now but there will be additions or deletions as we proceed. Stuff comes in during the plant sale itself and some of the plants will not have made it through the winter. We pull those as we find them. Check back for additions and deletions.

Prices are by pot size ranging from $2-$6. Dates, times and place coming later. Email with questions and we’ll try to answer them. I’ve also put a comment form at the bottom of the page and will answer questions that come in that way.  Check the events calendar for further information.

Updated 5/12/16   Final update

Down to Earth Garden Club Plant List


Aegeopodium Variegated foliage Rampant ground cover
Anemone ‘Robusta’ Pink flowers Spreads/ some shade
Artemesia ‘Limelight”


Yellow flower, yellow/green foliage Spreads
Artemesia Silver Grown for silver foliage, spreads
Ash leafed spirea White Bushy, spreads
Asiatic lily Mixed colors
Aster, New England Purple flowers Tall
Aster, Tartaricus Purple flowers Tall
Astilbe Pink Spring bloom, some shade
Autumn crocus Pink After spring plant disappears, fall bloom
Baptesia Blue Tall, bushy, comes from new shoots in the spring
Beardstongue (Penstemon) White Native/pollinator plant
Bee Balm ‘Jacob Cline” Red Sun to semi-shade
Bee Balm ‘Raspberry Wine’ Raspberry
Bell flower) ‘Elizabeth’(companula) Pink/mauve Spreads/good bloomer
Bell flower  (companula) Blue Spreads
Betony Blue flower
Black-eyed-Susan Yellow black center hardy, spreads
Bleeding heart   Pink Semi-shade
Bleeding heart fringed Pink Small, ferny foliage
Bloodroot White Early spring, native
Boneset White Native herb
Butterfly weed  (maybe) Orange Native comes up late. Not sure if there is anything in the pots.
Cactus, Prickly pear Yellow Hardy, dry areas
Catmint ‘6 hills Giant’ Blue/purple
Centaura bachelor button Blue Reseeds
Centaura ‘Amethyst’ White purple center
Chameleon plant Pink/white/green foliage Ground cover, spreads
Columbine Mixed colors, white, pink, purple, maroon Short lived perennial, reseeds
Cone flower pink Reseeds, sun
Coral Bells Rose pink
Cantaurea (cornflower) (bachelor button) Blue Reseeds
Coreopsis, Tickseed Yellow Needs good drainage, sun
Coreopsis, Broadleaf Yellow Reseeds, sun
Corydalis Yellow flowers Ground cover, spreads
Culvers root White native
Daylily Cream
Daylily Red Short
Daylily hybrid Orange
Daylily, Parks  gold Gold tetraploid Thick petals
Daylily ‘Siloam Ethel Smith’ Creamy with a rose eye and chartreuse throat
Daylily ‘Bric-a-Brac’ Cream, purple center
Daylily ‘Challenger’ Red/gold throat
Daylily gold gold
Daylily ‘Grapette’ Purple Short
Daylily ‘Jolene Nichole’ Rose
Daylily ‘Just Kiss Me’ pale cream pink with red eye and edge yellow green throat Early
Daylily ‘Kwanso’ Double orange
Daylily ‘Lady Scarlet’ Scarlet yellow center 18-24” tetraploid
Daylily  ‘Lullaby Baby’ Pale pink
Daylily ‘Octoberfest’ Red orange blend tall
Daylily ‘Old King Cole’ Red-purple and ivory bicolor with lemon to green throat. Tall
Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’ White with dark red center
Daylily Parks Red Red Tall
Daylily, peach Peach
Daylily ‘Siloam Show Girl’ Dark red 12-18 inches
Daylily ‘Something Wonderful’ Tan to pink
Daylily, ‘Spellfire’ Yellow with red center 18-24 inches
Daylily, ‘Siloam Tee Tiny’ Rose purple center 28-24”
Daylily, spider Red
Daylily, Touched by Grace peach gold with tangerine orange eye above green throat 30” tetraploid
Daylily Stella ‘d Oro Gold Rebloomer
Dead Nettle (lamium) Several varieties White or purple flowers Ground cover, part shade
Epimedium Yellow, small Early spring
Euonymous Ground cover/bush
Feverfew White Decorative plant and herb
Filapendula White tall
Forget-me-not Blue, pink, white Early spring bloom, spreads
Foxglove yellow Perennial
Geranium Light purple Hardy perennial
Geranium, native pink Extremely hardy
Geranium ‘Wargrave Pink’ Pink Perennial Geranium reseeds
Ginger, European Insignificant flower Ground cover, shade
Grass, Arundo donax Bamboolike 6 to 30 ft. tall
Grass ‘Strawberry and Cream’ Variegated Short, spreads
Grass, Blue Lyme Blue foliage Short, spreads
Grass, Miscanthus Variegated Tall
Grass, sea oats Medium height
Helebore (Lenten rose) Pinks, white, purple Very early spring
Hens and chickens Yellow Dry well drained areas
Herb, Angelica Decorative seed heads Tall, reseeds
Herb, Catmint ‘Walkers Low’ Blue Sun to 3 ft. nice spread
Herb Catnip White flowers Reseeds
Herb Comfrey Pink Large plant
Herb, Chives Pink
Herb Garlic Chives
Herb  lemon balm White flowers Lemon flavor
Herb, marjoram (golden) Gold foliage. Groundcover
Herb, peppermint white Spreads
Herb, chocolate mint Low grower, spreads
Herb, motherwort Reseeds
Herb Oregano Purple flower Full sun, poor soil
Herb  Pennyroyal Purple Spreads
Hosta Green and variegated Different types, small and large leafed.
Hosta, Regal Splendor Blue gray leaves Some shade
Iris Mixed colors
Iris, ‘Autumn Embers’ Yellow, brown falls
Iris ‘Black Knight’ Purple/black
Iris ‘Centurion’
Iris ‘Great Lakes’ Light blue
Iris, ‘Ritz” Yellow maroon spots on falls
Iris, Louisiana Purple
Iris, Siberian Purple
Iris, water Yellow flowers Wet or regular ground
Lamb’s ears, common Silver foliage, purple flower Ground cover, medium height
Liatris Pink Good drainage
Lily of the valley White flower Shade, ground cover, spreads
Lungwort Blue flower Shade, early spring
Lysmachia ‘Firecracker’ Purple foliage Yellow flowers Spreads
Lysmachia, Alexander Variegated foliage, yellow flower spreads
Meadow rue White Damp shade
Montauk daisy Daisy like Chrysanthemum fall blooming
Orphanage plant Tiny daisylike Tall ferny foliage
Pachysandra White Ground cover
Penstemon White Native pollinator
Phlox, ‘David’ White flower
Plumbago Blue Ground cover
Rose campion Rose flowers, silver leaves
Sedum  mixed Yellow or white groundcover
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Pink Taller
Sedum, ‘Dragon blood’ Red flowers
Solomon’s seal White flower Variegated foliage. Shade
Spiderwort purple
Star of Bethlehem white bulb
Sweet Woodruff White flowers Shade, groundcover
Torch lily or red-hot poker Orange/yellow Good drainage, full sun
Tree, maple
Tree, red oak
Tree, rose of Sharon Mixed colors Small tree/shrub
Turtlehead Pink flower Shade, fall bloom
Valerian White Attracts butterflies, herb
Vine chocolate vine Small flowers/decorative seed pods Robust vine
Vine, trumpet orange Woody vine
Woody plant Ash leafed spirea White flower spreads
Woody plant barberry
Woody plant burning bush Red leaves
Woody plant butterfly bush Purple Emerges late check for roots
Woody plant Kerria japonica Yellow
Woody plant, red currant Bush, fruit for jelly
Woody plant, elderberry White hybrid
Woody Plant flowering quince Deep red Large shrub, fruit
Woody plant Lilac White and lavender Forms clumps
Woody plant Raspberry White flowers, red fruit Spreads
Woody plant Summersweet ‘Ruby Spire” Pink flower Very fragrant native
Woody plant, Butterfly bush Purple Comes out very late
Winter creeper Ground cover
Yucca White flower spike Full sun