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      Mixed Container Gardening
      By admin at Mar. 24. 2012. with No Comments
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      There is sometimes a very fine line between an ornamental plant and edible plant. Scarlet runner beans have always been grown for their pretty red flower, as well as for their flavorful beans. A more recent  one is ‘Emperor Runner’. Those pots of colorful miniature peppers that were quite popular for many years at Christmas...

      Foliage Gardens
      By admin at Aug. 29. 2010. with No Comments
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      What can a gardener do with a small area that he wishes to keep colorful and attractive during the entire growing season? The obvious solution is to plant annuals. .”Some areas” are the operative words as annuals tend to be shallow rooted and require more care in inhospitable areas.  Also, replanting every year is time...

      Moss Garden
      By admin at Aug. 24. 2010. with No Comments
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      There are a number of ways to handle landscaping problems. Sometimes it comes down to the easier way versus the more labor intensive solution. A soggy spot in the yard can be drained and filled in so you can plant roses or you can get the weeds out and plant Joe Pye weed and a...

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