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      The Grass is Always Greener………
      By lavender at Mar. 18. 2016. with No Comments
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      Remember the old Erma Bombeck book, The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank? I’m sure that she meant it as a joke considering that comedy was her stock in trade but perhaps there some truth in this. Think about what your septic tank does and how it works. All of the household waste...

      Rain Gardens Demystified
      By lavender at Aug. 5. 2015. with No Comments

      One of the sessions at the Native Plant Festival at Shaver’s Creek was on rain gardens.  Time constraints and choice of material left large holes in the presentation through which, those of us who were not familiar with the particulars, quickly tumbled. Considering the amount of digging and soil shifting involved in constructing a rain...

      Penn State Trial Gardens
      By lavender at Jul. 5. 2015. with No Comments
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      Most gardeners put in some annuals every year. Many of us use them in borders, either by themselves or in combination with perennials, to lengthen the flowering season and to add all season color to perennial borders. They go into baskets, large pots and window boxes. Most of the time we buy what is on...

      Poisonous Plants: Another Point of View

      There is nothing more frustrating than growing a plant all season only to have it eaten off by the wildlife before it blooms. Unless maybe it is the chipmunks and squirrels consuming all of those expensive bulbs that you put in with great hopes of enjoying their spring beauty. Have you ever planted a nice...

      Green Flowers for the Garden
      By lavender at Apr. 5. 2013. with No Comments
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      Green flowers exert a certain fascination. Perhaps it is because they are rather rare in nature. The purpose of colorful flowers is to attract pollinators to insure the genetic continuation of the plant. Green flowers are not going to stand out against the green foliage and so are not going to gain much attention from...

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