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      Plant Propagation Part II: Asexual Propagation
      By lavender at Feb. 26. 2013. with No Comments
      Posted in: Plant Care

      We will continue with the second half of the plant propagation class.  In November we covered sexual prorogation or propagation by seed. This month we will do asexual propagation or propagation from a plant part. In all of its manifestations this is a form or cloning. With special equipment it can be done at the...

      Cutting Back Perennials
      By lavender at Nov. 13. 2012. with No Comments
      Posted in: Plant Care

      Fall Pruned Plants As the growing season comes to an end the gardener must make a decision as to which perennials should be cut back now and which should be pruned in the spring. There are a number of reasons to cut back plants in the fall. Plants which are prone to mildew or other...

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