DTEGC Gift Wrapping
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      The Down to Earth Garden Club will be wrapping gifts at the DuBois Mall from Friday, December 18 through Christmas Eve.  The group will be there from 10 a.m. (or earlier) until 9 p.m. every day and until closing on the 24th.  The station will be along the main corridor near General Nutrition Center. There...

      Why Won’t my Roses Bloom?
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      The question of non-blooming rose bushes was brought up at the June meeting. Why would a rose bush that previously bloomed stop blooming? One of the simplest explanations is a change in pruning methods. Some of the older roses that bloom only once a season bloom on wood formed the previous year. If you prune...

      Rose Campion
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        (Lychnis coronaria) There was a bonus among the magenta rose campion( Lychnis coronaria) this year. A plant that bloomed white/pink appeared. This is rather rare variety of campion known as Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’. The pink centered variety is known as ‘Angels Blush’. (See end of article for picture of  ‘Angels Blush’) Curiously, there is...

      Planting a Butterfly Pot
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      It is charming to have colorful butterflies flitting around your home like flying flowers. Can you encourage their presence if you don’t have a flower garden because you live in an apartment or simply don’t have the time or space for one? Certainly it is possible, although you might not get them in the quantity...

      Update on Yellow Peonies
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      We’ve mentioned yellow herbaceous peonies in the newsletter before but just to refresh memories. These hybrids are an unlikely cross between the tree peonies and herbaceous peonies.  We say unlikely because taxonomically they are so far separated that natural crosses are next to impossible. In the early 1900’s an amateur horticulturalist, Dr. Toichi Itoh, began...

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