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      By lavender at Nov. 11. 2017. with No Comments

        Sometimes we notice things in our gardening endeavors that are puzzling. In time the proverbial light bulb may appear over our heads and an explanation for the oddity presents itself. One of those eureka moments occurred recently. Several years ago I ordered seeds for a purple tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa.) These tomatillos are much sweeter...

      Removing Dead or Infested Ash Trees

      Ash Fraxinus spp Last month we commented on the wooly adelgid and its attack on the local hemlock. Another pest, the emerald ash borer, has been with us for some time and some unexpected results of this infestation are coming to light. The emerald ash borer has not only devastated ash trees they have created...

      Why Won’t my Roses Bloom?
      By lavender at Nov. 6. 2016. with No Comments
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      The question of non-blooming rose bushes was brought up at the June meeting. Why would a rose bush that previously bloomed stop blooming? One of the simplest explanations is a change in pruning methods. Some of the older roses that bloom only once a season bloom on wood formed the previous year. If you prune...

      Aster Yellows in Coneflowers
      By lavender at Oct. 4. 2015. with No Comments
      Posted in: Plant Problems

      ‘Green Envy’ is a cone flower that is bred to have a green color, however, if your pink coneflowers start to turn green do not gleefully suppose that you have developed a new and fascinating cultivar. Coneflowers are susceptible to a disease called aster yellows. Caused by an organism called a  phytoplasma, aster yellows causes...

      Winter Kill 2013-14
      By lavender at Jun. 13. 2014. with No Comments
      Posted in: Plant Problems

      We’ve been hearing about the extensive damage that extreme winter conditions have caused to both evergreen and deciduous shrubs this year. Knockout roses have been hit particularly hard. These tough, basically carefree bushes are hardy to around -20 degrees F with individual differences. We had temperatures this winter that were that low and lower. There...

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