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      Ramblings on Grapes
      By lavender at Apr. 4. 2017. with No Comments
      Posted in: Fruit

      Quite a few wineries have sprung up in our area fairly recently. There are 10 listed in a 25 mile radius of DuBois. The first few could have been and probably were considered to be someone’s hobby, tax write off or retirement dream but 10? While they probably don’t grow all the grapes they use,...

      Banana (Musa sps.)
      By lavender at Feb. 8. 2015. with No Comments
      Posted in: Fruit, Plants

      Bananas are weird! That yellow curved thing that you eat in your Cheerios or cornflakes is actually, by botanical definition, a berry. A berry is “simple fruit having seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary.” Examples are grapes, tomatoes, peppers and avocados.  Keep that in mind: one flower, one ovary producing a fleshy seed...

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