Garden Club Helps Bring a Brighter Spring

Gloves for little hands

On October 30, the first step was taken in an ongoing project for the DuBois Area Catholic School that is the brainchild of Paul S.  Paul has worked in adding nature trails, outdoor classrooms, landscaping  and other nature oriented projects to school in other areas.

Paul contacted the Down to Earth Garden Club to offer his expertise and he was turned over to our member, Lisa, for her input. As many of you know Lisa has taught for many years in the Catholic school system, is a charter member of the club and is a graduate of the PSU Master Gardener program.

The Down to Earth Garden Club has been involved on a number of occasions with projects in the school systems. The group has, in the past donated bulbs to the DuBois Catholic School at Pat’s request. Mary Jo and Jan assisted with the butterfly garden that was put in as a summer project and Lisa has been provided assistance with her butterfly growing projects. Help was also provided for a garden that was put in at the DuBois Middle school as a summer project.

Mrs. Huot and her class

As a first step in the project Lisa’s kindergarten’s planted 100 bulbs in the front of the school. The bulbs were financed by the Down to Earth Garden Club and the group will continue to support Paul’s and Lisa’s future plans with donations of plants and the expertise of seasoned gardeners. Helping with the planting on October 30, were Monica, Jan, Paul, and one of the parents as well as Lisa and her group of 9 enthusiastic kindergarteners, Sarah, Shane, Bradley, Sydne , Bryce, Shayleigh, Samantha, Ben and Garret..  Bryce said, as we put the bulbs in the ground, the double and triple bulbs were huddled up to stay warm. Let us hope that warmth the project engenders produces a glorious display in the spring.