By admin at Mar. 27. 2010.

      May 2006

      The spring clean up at the Brady Street lot

      Spring Plant Sale

      The spring plant sale at BMP. We did this in conjunction with a really fun garage sale. Lunch was the traditional hot dogs and secret sauce.

      Embankment Cleanup

      The Chamber embankment clean up was in May as well. We had a few people turn out for it. There weren’t many pictures.

      June 2006

      The placing of the paving stones for the Brady Street Lot

      The planting of the new shrubs at the library

      July 2006

      July was filled with fundraisers. We raise the money to keep the City Beds full of beautiful plants by selling…….what else? plants.

      July also brought our picnic

      But it

      Fortunately, it cleared up for the Elliott Park High Mountain Festival where we had our usual booth.

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