2022 Plant Sale List

This plant list is not complete. We are still digging plants. There will be changes made so keep checking. We will probably not be bringing too many multiples of plants this year because of transportation issues.

The plant sale is Friday, May 20 from 7:00 am to 5:30pm and Saturday, May 21, from 9:00am to 12:30 pm. Please try to keep within this timeframe. There may be people there setting up or tearing down but they will not be able to sell plants. There will be no plants held unless they are paid for and then it is at your own risk.

Down to Earth Garden Club Plant List 2022

Revised 5/18/22


AegeopodiumgreenRampant ground cover
2Allium ‘Summer Bells’Pink & whiteBulb late spring bloomer
3Anise HyssopPurple
3Archangel (Lamiastrum)Yellow flower silver/green leavesGround cover
2Artemesia ‘Limelight”Yellow flower, yellow/green foliageSpreads
1ArtemesiaSilverGrown for silver foliage, spreads
1Asiatic lilyMixed colors
6Aster, New EnglandPurple flowersTall
7Aster, TartaricusPurple flowersTall
0AstilbePinkSpring bloom, some shade
1Balloon FlowerWhiteWell drained soil
5BaptesiaBlueTall, bushy, comes from new shoots in the spring
1Bee Balm (monarda)
Jacob Cline
RedSun to semi-shade
1Bee Balm ‘Blue Stocking’Purple
2Bee Balm ‘Raspberry Wine’RaspberrySun to semi-shade
1Bee BalmRedUnknown variety

Bell flower) ‘Elizabeth’(companula)Pink/mauveSpreads/good bloomer
4Bell FlowerBlueSpreads
4Black-eyed-SusanYellow black centerhardy, spreads
2Bleeding HeartPink
2Bleeding Heart, Fern LeafedPinkSmall
2BloodrootWhiteEarly spring, native
4Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’Silver marked leaves, blue flowersBlooms early spring, shade
0Cactus, prickly pearYellowHardy
1CelandineYellowEarly spring, reseeds
2Chameleon plantPink/white/green foliageGround cover, spreads
2Cicely, SweetWhite
4Chinese lanternRed papery seed podsSpreads by rhizome
0ColumbineMixed colors, white, pink, purple, maroon, blueShort lived perennial, reseeds
10ConeflowerPink or whiteReseeds, sun
2Coreopsis, TickseedYellowNeeds good drainage, sun
1Cornflower Centaurea montana ‘Amethyst’Purple center with white fluted petals
3Cornflower (Batchlor Button) Centaurea montanaBlueMultiplies
4CorydalisYellowSome shade
7CranesbillDark pinkNative, spreads
4Creeping jennyyellowGround cover
3Culvers rootWhitenative
13 Daisy, MontaukWhiteFall blooming
2Daisy, ShastaWhite
0Datura metel fastuosaLight purpleGrows in poor soil
4Daylily ‘Boagie’crimson red self above yellow throatMidseason
1Daylily ‘Buttered Popcorn’ aka butter coloredButter yellow
2Daylily, ‘Butterscotch Ruffles’Yellow/peachReblooms reliably
4Daylily ‘Challenger’Red/gold throatGood for naturalizing
3Daylily ‘Custard Candy’Creamy. Maroon eye zone, yellow/ green throat. 
0Daylily, ‘Daring Dilemma’cream tinted pink with plum edge and plum eyezone above green throat
4Daylily Double Classic Siloam SeriesPinkDouble Petals
1Daylily, ‘Double Peach”’peach
4Daylily, Esther’s RedRedHeirloom Medium Sized
3Daylily, Ethel Smithpinkish beige with deep rose eyezone and green throat20” 3.25” flower
4Daylily ‘Fairy Tale PinkPink, Green throat24 in reblooms
0Daylily, ‘Firestorm’brick red with gold olive throat
4Daylily, Gentle ShepardWhite, Green Throat5” flower 29” scape
4Daylily ‘Heidi Edelweiss’White, yellow throatRebloomer

Daylily hybrid orangeOrangeLarge flower
4Daylily, Janice BrownPink and rose
4Daylily ‘Jolene Nichole’Rose
1Daylily, ‘Lady Neva’Soft buff yellow with rose eye zone and green throatSpider, reblooms
4Daylily ‘Lemon Lily’YellowEarly
1Daylily, ‘Little Grapette’Grape PurpleMiniature
3Daylily ‘Lullaby Baby’Light pink, green throatFragrant
4Daylily ‘Mauna Loa’Amber gold, red edgetetraploid
3Daylily, Mephastophles X’PurpleUnamed Hybrid
4Daylily ‘Old King Cole’medium red-purple and ivory bicolor
4Daylily, ‘Orchid Candy’Light orchid dark eyezone

Daylily ‘Pandora’s Box’White with dark red center
4Daylily Parks GoldGold tetraploidTall

Daylily, peachPeach
4Daylily, ‘Prarie Blue Eyes’lavender
0Daylily ‘Purple d’OroPurpleStella d’oro series
1Daylily, QuanzoOrangeDouble
4Daylily, ‘Raining Violets’diamond dusted red violet edged cream on sepals with raised cream midrib and yellow green throat
1Daylily ‘Show Girl’ SiloamDark red12-18 inches
0Daylily Something WonderfulPeach
2Daylily, ‘Spellfire’Yellow with red center18-24 inches
1Daylily, ‘Startle’Red and cream
4Daylily Stella ‘d OroGoldRebloomer
2Daylily, ‘Touched by Grace’peach/gold, tangerine eye, green throat30” tetraploid
2Daylily, ‘Web of Intrigue’pale orange with etched pattern of lavender and purple above green throatReblooms, 6’ flower
1Daylily, ‘Wineberry candy’Orchid pink4.75″ flower midseason
2Daylily, yellowYellow
3Dead Nettle (lamium) Several varietiesWhite or pink flowersGround cover, part shade
5EpimediumYellow, smallEarly spring
3Evening primroseyellownight bloomer
8Forget-me-notBlue, pink, whiteEarly spring bloom, spreads 4 blue 4 white
3Geranium, ‘Mourning WidowSmall purplePerennial Geranium
4Geranium ‘Wargrave Pink’PinkPerennial Geranium reseeds
6Ginger, EuropeanAt base negligibleGround cover, shade
1Globe ThistleBlue
2Grape HyacinthBlueBulb
2Blue Lyme GrassBlue foliageSpreads
1Grass ‘Strawberry and Cream’VariegatedShort, spreads
2Grass, Blue LymeBlue foliageShort, spreads
3Grass, Miscanthus
4Grass, sea oats
Medium height
0Grass, zebraVariegated
4Hellebore (Lenten rose)Pinks, white, purple, yellowVery early spring

Hens and chickensYellowDry well drained areas
1Heliopsis scabraYellow brown centerPerennial sun flower
1Herb, AngelicaDecorative seed headsTall, reseeds
4Herb, Banana Mint
Odor of bananas, spreads
1Herb Catmint ‘6 hills Giant’Blue/purple

Herb Catmint unknown varietyBlue
3Herb, Catmint ‘Walkers Low’BlueSun to 3 ft. nice spread
3Herb CatnipWhite flowersReseeds
3Herb, ChivesPink
4Herb, Chocolate mint

2Herb, comfreyCream, pale purpleWet shade
1 Herb, feverfewwhiteMedicinal
3Herb, Garlic

1Herb, Horseradish

2Herb lemon balmWhite flowersLemon flavor
0Herb, marjoram (golden)
Gold foliage. Ground cover
2Herb, mountain mint
Tea plant, native
2Herb, oreganowhitecooking
1Herb PennyroyalPurpleSpreads
2Herb, Tarragon

0Herb, Thyme

2Herb, ValerianWhiteButterfly plant
2Honesty (money plant}Dark pinkGrown for seed pods
22Hosta (2 ‘Plantagenet’, 6 ‘Hyacinth’)Green and variegated, some named varietiesDifferent types, small and large leafed.
4Iris, beardedPurple
4Iris, beardedLight blue
2Iris, VarigatedYellowGrown for leaves
2Iris, waterYellow flowersWet or regular ground
5Iris, beardedyellow
1Knotweed, varigatedColorful foliage
6Lady’s MantleInsignificantShade
5Lamb’s ears, commonSilver foliage, purple flowerGround cover, medium height
1Lamb’s ears Helen von SteinpurpleFewer blooms, greener
5LiatrisPinkGood drainage
5Lily of the valleyWhite flowerShade, ground cover, spreads

Lily, mixedMixed colorsTall
1LungwortBlue flowerShade, early spring
1Lysmachia ‘Firecracker’Purple foliage Yellow flowersSpreads
3Lythrum, ‘Morden’s Gleam’PurpleNot a spreader {Purple Loosestrife”
4MeadowsweetWhiteDamp shade/tall
3Milkweed, SwampPinkDamp
4Orphanage plantTiny daisy-likeTall ferny foliage
4PachysandraWhiteGround cover
5Peony ‘Bowl of BeautyPink
6Phlox, ‘David’White flower
0Phlox,Pink and white
0PoppyReddish orange
0PrimrosePinkEarly spring, some shade
3PussytoesWhiteGroundcover Xeriscape
3Pussytoes, plantain leafedWhite
1Queen of the PrariePink
11Red Hot PokerMixed, reds, yellows, oranges
4Rose campionRose flowers, silver leaves
6Sedum mixedYellow or whitegroundcover
9Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’PinkTaller
1Snow in SummerWhiteGround cover
5Solomon’s seal, varigatedWhite flowerVariegated foliage. Shade
6Star of Bethlehemwhitebulb
4Sweet WoodruffWhite flowersShade, groundcover
2Tree, red maple

3Tree, red oak

0Tree, sassafras

3Tree, rose of SharonMixed colorsSmall tree/shrub
1Trumpet VineOrangeSturdy Vine
1Vinca, varigatedPurpleGround cover
1Vine chocolate vineSmall flowers/decorative seed podsRobust vine
1Wisteria, vinePurpleWoody vine
1Woody plant, Ash leafed spireaWhite flowerspreads
4Woody plant, burning bushRed leaves
3Woody plan (Japanese rose)YellowBlooms in shade Early blooms
2Woody plant, LilacWhiteForms clumps
1Woody plant, Mock Orange
2Woody plant, Osage orange

3Woody plant, red currant
Bush, fruit for jelly
2Woody plant, Snowball bushwhite
3YuccaWhiteSpiky, tall flower