A Few Fall Gardening Tips

    1. Do some mild pruning; just enough to prevent winter storm damage. Excessive pruning will encourage new growth, not a good thing in the fall.
    2. Cut back perennials. This will give you a head start on spring and will prevent dead foliage from causing rot.
    3. Do not cut back grasses or perennials that need their foliage to protect roots. Foliage will gather and hold snow.
    4. Do not add mulch for winter protection until the ground freezes. The purpose of winter mulch is to keep the ground from thawing and refreezing not to keep the roots warm.
    5. Remove all dead plants from your vegetable garden. Dead plants harbor overwintering insects and disease.
    6. Tender woody plants that bloom on old wood can be encased in chicken wire filled with dry leaves. This will protect both the plant and the already formed flower buds. Remove in early spring.
    7. Plant bulbs until the ground freezes. This is also a good time to divide bulbs if you can find them.