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      Join us to Plant a Fairy Garden
      By lavender at Feb. 1. 2019. with No Comments
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      The weather outside is “frightful” but the DuBois Public Library can offer a bit of spring and a cup of coffee to the winter weary. As part of the library’s “Lunch and Learn” program the Down to Earth Garden Club will be doing a series of discussions on subjects related to gardening. The first of...

      What Is That Growing In My Garden? (2018)
      By lavender at Jan. 21. 2019. with No Comments
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        It is a jungle out there this year. With all of the rain and sunshine not only the weeds are growing like weeds but many plants that bloom infrequently have blossomed out with a glorious show. Some oddities are also appearing. We presume that plant breeders spend years crossing and recrossing plants to produce...

      Rhododendron vs. Mountain Laurel 
      By lavender at Aug. 5. 2018. with 1 Comment
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       How many of you think that those showy rhododendrons that bloom so gloriously in spring are just a domestic version of our state flower, the mountain laurel? It is a natural assumption as they appear to be very similar and the impulse to use the names interchangeably is understandable. While they are both members of...

      Spotted Bee Balm
      By lavender at Aug. 1. 2018. with 1 Comment
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          Monarda punctata L. Spotted bee balm, horsemint or Monarda punctata L. call it what you will but by any name it in an interesting addition to the garden. I picked mine up as a seedling at the Shaver’s Creek native plant sale. I wasn’t really expecting to see it this year as it...

      Pruning Clematis
      By lavender at May. 28. 2017. with No Comments

      Pruning Clematis We mentioned that sweet autumn clematis blooms on new wood and should be pruned in the spring or late winter to a height of one foot above the ground. There are other rules for different species of clematis.  When they are pruned and how they are pruned frequently depends on the time of...

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